Discord management made easy

About Shadebot

Shadebot is a Discord bot primarily made for the 'Hentai!' community Discord server. It's core function is to take out the pain of community management. Shadebot achieves this by giving community admins the tools to provide a safe and fun experience. Regardless if you are an admin of a small community of 5 users to a large community of 5000 users, Shadebot can help take the hassle out of community management.

Shadebot functions

User Checking

Check and filter illegitimate users or spam accounts

User Logging

Log users who have joined or left your community

Chat Control

Mute users and clear chat history with ease

Fun and Games

Play games with Shadebot such as Roulette (SoonTM)


Find information about your server, a member, or a role!

and more...

More features are avalaible and will be added

Take Shadebot for a test drive

You can see ShadeBot in action on the 'Alipoodle >.<!' community Discord server which includes Alipoodle's twitch and his bot support!