Shadebot Command Reference

Command Description
General Commands
#channelinfo [#channel] Find information about a channel
#color (hex color) Shows information and a preview of a hex color
#help [command] Displays all the available commands or specific command's help
#stats Gives some useful bot statistics
#userinfo [user search, id, @user] Gets useful information about a user
#serverinfo Get useful information about the server
#roleinfo [role search, id, @role] Get useful information about a role
Moderator-Only Commands
#checkgame (search) Returns a list of members with an specific game.
#clear [@user] (number) Deletes messages from anyone in the channel.
#ghostban (id) Bans a user from an ID. Even when they aren't on the server.
#mute (@user) [time] Mutes or unmutes a mentioned user